Random stuff that I saved in my computer last week and have been thinking about. Most pictures are from style.com and others are from tumblr.

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Back in Time

Today as I continue my Sex and the City marathon (which has lasted since break started), and as I read the Who What Wear book I started to think about getting out of comfort zones. When we, as humans find something or someone that makes us feel at-ease, we tend to look for these well-fit characteristics over and over again. Even in a city like New York, that is know as the fashion capital of the world, New Yorkers can be seen blending into their “background”. I find myself guilty of this crime. I often find myself always going back to the same outfits, why? because they are comfortable and if they are repeated its because I am lazy and lack inspiration.

These are some books and a dvd I borrowed from my library. I am too broke to buy anything. I finished the Who What Wear book and it was alright. The Valentino DVD was amazing. I am currently reading The Last Fall and its is pretty good, I do find myself being a bit inspired.

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This is my first post on my brand new blog. I have had many before but never one that I have been serious about. This one I am hoping will be the exception. I am on summer break and I plan to become a dedicated blogger. Also I want to explore my style and go on a fantastic journey of adventures. So here’s to you summer 2010!

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